About ASD

The Alabama School for the Deaf is AIDB's original campus, founded in 1858 to educate Alabama students who are deaf and hard of hearing. Today ASD provides traditional and nontraditional programs and educational experiences for children ages 3-21 who are deaf or hard of hearing as residential or day students. ASD offers the same graduation documents as do other public and private schools in Alabama. ASD offers students with hearing loss from across Alabama opportunities to participate in a variety of enriching activities including a high quality academic program, clubs and organizations, Battle of the Books Competitions, Academic Bowl competitions, Math Team Competitions, Junior National Association of the Deaf membership, leadership/empowerment activities, and much more.

As a residential school, ASD provides educational opportunities on a 24 hour/7 day basis in a communication-rich environment as compared to a 7 hour/5 day traditional approach. Students participate in extracurricular activities such as state and national championship sports, tutoring, field trips, drama, after school clubs, and various recreational activities.

ASD is accredited by AdvancEd (the accrediting organization for public schools in Alabama). There is no charge for tuition, room or board, etc. for students whose families are Alabama residents. Students follow a curriculum based on the Alabama State Department of Education's course of study, just as their hearing peers do, and must meet the same criteria as any student in Alabama to receive a diploma.

ASD's Work Experience Program prepares all students for competitive employment through a variety of career exploration as well as on and off campus work experiences during the year, in their respective hometowns during the summer, and other times school is not in session. There are a variety of camp activities for students as well.

Reading and Language development are high priorities in the ASD curriculum with both
English/Language and Reading courses required in grades 7-12 along with Science, Math and Social Studies. Literacy in both English and American Sign Language is emphasized. We also offer preschool through Kindergarten options for students and parents choosing a Listening and Spoken Language Program and/or an American Sign Language Program.

ASD post-secondary and employment outcomes are among the best in the nation and are
comparable with high performing schools in the state of Alabama.

We hope you'll take the time to learn more about ASD.